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Togens Silicone Fly Case

Product Description

A good fly box makes all the difference in finding and using the right fly when you’re on the water. Nothing is as frustrating as knowing you have a certain fly, but not being able to find it.

With this green silicone fly box, you’re able to sort your flies against a vivid background, which makes them stand out for quicker, easy identification. In addition, the green silicone insert doesn’t wear out and tear like foam, which means this fly box will last you for years longer than a traditional foam-lined box.

The clear lid allows you to easily scan your boxes and see what’s inside them, and they’re built to fit right in the pockets of your favorite fishing vest or sling pack.

Dimensions: 7.36”x4.02”x0.63”

NOTE: Togens offers Free Shipping to Canada, for orders over $75.00 CAD.

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